Wednesday's report also revealed a new projection for next year's Social Security cost-of-living adjustment. According to the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners, consumer prices have been lower this year than they were last year, which means there will likely be no COLA come January. Automatic COLAs were adopted forty years ago and so far, beneficiaries have gone without annual increases only twice in 2010 and 2011..Inadequate disclosure of costs. Does the lender hide or gloss over the costs? Are the terms appropriate or have the terms of the initial offer changed?.According to AARP, about 94% of widely-used brand-name drugs that were on the market between 2005 and 2017 nearly doubled in price. And in 2017, the average annual cost of specialty drugs - which treat complex conditions like cancer - was about ,800. In contrast, the average Social Security benefit in 2017 was just ,800..The problem is well known, but so far Congress has taken no action to address it. The Medicare Trustees have for years described in their annual report how rising Medicare costs will take an ever-growing portion of Social Security benefits. They estimate that Medicare Part B and Part D premiums, as well as cost sharing for both programs, currently equals just 24 percent of the level of the average Social Security benefit. But that estimate does not include many of the typical Medicare costs that most retirees actually have, and thus understates the scope of the problem. The findings based on your participation in TSCL's annual Senior Survey is proof of that..During the debt limit negotiations, one of the most frequently discussed components of deficit reduction plans included a switch to the "chained" CPI. Such a proposal wouldn't just impact Social Security benefits; it would also reduce Railroad Retirement benefits, military retirement, and federal pension payouts as well as Supplemental Security Income payments received by very low-income seniors. In addition, seniors would also pay more in taxes since the CPI is also used to adjust tax brackets, the standard deduction, and personal exemptions..Creating a new minimum benefit for low-income retirees set at 25% above the poverty line ;.I set the glasses back down on the window ledge, fill a container with water and suddenly spot the TV remote..Unlike many other organizations TSCL accepts no government funding -- this leaves us free to truly represent the interests of supporters like you..Get multiple meals from one food item: Any meat, like ham or turkey, that's relatively low cost, provides plenty of leftovers, and freezes well, is one to consider for company entertaining. After the first meal, slice the leftovers and wrap in individual servings and store in plastic zipper bags in freezer. Use the remaining bone and small meat scraps for making soups. If you can't make soup right away, bones and scraps can be frozen until you need them.

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TSCL is hopeful that Congress will provide the Social Security Administration with the funding and staffing necessary to make progress on reducing the DI backlog. As Ranking Member John Larson said at Wednesday's hearing, "[A backlog of] six hundred days is flat-out unacceptable." In the coming weeks, TSCL will provide the Social Security Subcommittee with policy recommendations. We will summarize them here in the Legislative News section of our website after they are submitted to the Subcommittee for review..Retirement accounts allow your savings to grow tax-deferred, but the rules change when you turn age 70 ½. At 70 ½, traditional IRAs require the owner to take required minimum withdrawals and you can't contribute any more savings. But you can still continue to put money into other types of retirement accounts, including Roth IRAs and some types of 401s, as long as you have earnings from jobs..Last month the Trump administration reported that a future COVID-19 vaccine would be free for nearly all Americans, except for seniors with traditional Medicare coverage. … Continued

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So, I set the remote back on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill..Right now, every politician in Washington has his or her eye on November. That is when the voters speak and hold their elected officials accountable..The prospective vaccines range widely in their design and novelty. They also vary in their ease of manufacture, the number of doses a patient needs to gain lasting immunity, and the way they are administered. There will have to be multiple types of vaccines. The director of the Center for Drug Discovery at Washington University in St. Louis, said that while there are pitfalls inherent in the rush to find a vaccine, a previous pandemic offers comforting reassurance that in fielding the right drug, patience is an essential virtue. … Continued

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