People frequently overestimate the amount of money they will receive from Social Security benefits. Lifespans are growing longer, and ideally you will want your savings to last over the length of your retirement that could be as much as 25 to 30 years long. At the same time life expectancy is rising, so are healthcare costs. If you talk to folks who have already retired, you will learn that almost 6-in-10 retirees will report that healthcare costs take one-fourth to one-third of their Social Security benefits..This year, Social Security beneficiaries received no cost-of-living adjustment despite a national survey indicating a majority reported higher costs. Do you support legislation that would give seniors an emergency COLA before the end of this year?.New Medicare enrollees.."We do have vaccines and therapeutics coming down the pike," Osterholm said. "But when you actually look at the time period for that, the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic.".What that means, in plain language, is the President is suggesting that for an unspecified "short term," taxes paid by workers into the Social Security system be suspended, further weakening the Social Security system..Unlicensed loan offers through the mail, via telephone, or door-to-door. "Auto payments of per month! Interest rates as low as 2.4 APR! Keys to the door of your next car!" It's not unusual to find auto loan offers in your mailbox, but beware. Make sure any lender you work with is legitimate, and income. If you haven't already done so, you will also need to discuss when.The new regulation announced by CMS calls for a standard format when a health plan orders, authorizes, or initiates an electronic funds transfer with its financial institution. The new standard is expected to decrease many complexities and costs that riddle the current model..Accelerate retirement account distributions when you have excess deductions. If your standard deduction will exceed your taxable income this year, consider withdrawing a little more retirement funds if you will need them this year. Doing so when you have a low or even a zero tax rate will potentially help you avoid paying more in the future when your deductions are lower or taxes rates are higher.

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Such a minimum guarantee would go a long way to protect beneficiaries in years when there is no COLA. Had such a 3% minimum COLA guarantee been in effect since 2009, the average benefit of ,075 in 2009 would be 5 per month/ ,580 year higher today - about 18%. A minimum COLA would also eliminate the problem of benefits remaining flat for years, at a time during periods when Medicare Part B premiums increase more than the COLA raises benefits..Other Medicare costs climbed as well, the Part B deductible, and out-of-pocket costs charged by doctors and for other services. Barbara's prescription drug plan bumped her medication to a higher formulary tier and her blood pressure medication that used to have zero copay now costs .00 per month. And after recent years of so much extreme weather, homeowner's insurance is now one of her fastest - growing costs..Even patients on Medicare have faced this problem because not all health care providers accept Medicare or some Medicare supplement policies. … Continued

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TSCL continues working for enactment of The Notch Fairness Act, which has recently been reintroduced in both the House and Senate. Like an "old age boost" the legislation would provide Notch Babies born from 1917 through 1926 with a choice of ,000 payable in four annual installments of ,250 or an improved monthly benefit. To learn more about The Notch Fairness Act, click here..But that's not all. Congressional Democrats also want to add dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare but that goal is running into resistance from powerful health industry lobbies..Rather than cutting back on one or two drugs, there was a large group that stopped filling most if not all their prescriptions as copays went up. … Continued

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