I started benefits at age 63 after losing my job in 201I was able to find new employment the following year in 201I received a letter from Social Security stating that I was overpaid for 2014 because they estimate that I earned 0,320, and that I need to repay more than ,000 in overpayments! Where did they get that? I only worked part time and earned ,200. What can I do?.We at TSCL urge you not to put off medical care if you need it. If you are worried about being infected with the virus call your doctor's or dentist's office and ask them what Covid-19 precautions they are following to protect their patients. Many doctors have taken extra special measures, including requiring that everyone wear a mask and keeping people out of waiting rooms until the actual time of their appointment. Many waiting rooms have far fewer chairs in them, and they are spaced far apart for those patients awaiting their appointments..The Velcro effect of anchoring can influence far more consequential decisions, in ways we may not even realize. Consider the process of determining the "right" retirement age:.Your contact with Members of Congress is important now and could help clear the legislative path for this important legislation. Call your Member of Congress now toll free at. Calls to your elected lawmakers made on this number will be paid for by The Senior Citizens League..Should I Drop Medigap For Medicare Advantage?.After repeated refusals over three and a half years, the federal government has released to TREA Senior Citizens League the first known public copy of the Social Security Totalization Agreement with Mexico. The Social Security Administration recently agreed to make the disclosure in response to a lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act by TSCL..I'm going to look for my checks, but first I need to put the soda aside so that I don't accidentally knock it over..Adding a mortgage once you've retired adds a big monthly expense and it's a decision that you may want to discuss with an independent financial advisor..TSCL's all-volunteer Board of Trustees and legislative team including former Congressman David Funderburk and Mrs. Betty Funderburk look forward to working with both new and veteran lawmakers in the 113th Congress. For more information about our legislative agenda, click HERE.

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The CBO estimated last November that if lawmakers wished to raise the amount of covered earnings subject to the payroll tax to 90 percent of covered earnings, then the taxable maximum would need to be set at 6,400 in 2017 and to rise to 5,000 by 202"Legislation was introduced in December that would impose deep benefit cuts," Johnson notes, "but had no provisions to provide new revenues. " "Lifting the taxable maximum cap would provide new revenues to Social Security and it could also provide a modest boost to Social Security benefits, and more adequate COLAs to all people when they retire," Johnson points out. "Our lawmakers should not be allowed to hide this option under the rug," she says. "Raising the payroll taxable maximum is the means of providing greater retirement security and long - term program solvency, " Johnson says. "We can save Social Security without the deep cuts.".President Barak Obama included a proposal in his fiscal year 2014 budget that would have reduced Social Security benefits by using the more slowly-growing chained consumer price index to calculate the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment. An estimate produced for TSCL projects that "chaining the COLA" would cut Social Security benefits by about 9% over a 30-year retirement. Although the proposal has been under discussion for several years, it has not passed, primarily due to fierce resistance from older voters..Fifty-six percent of participants in a national survey by The Senior Citizens League say they pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. "The tax on Social Security income takes new retirees by surprise," says TSCL Chairman Ed Cates. "This is one retirement expense that must be carefully planned for. The government today taxes the Social Security benefits of a majority of older adults, even people with very modest middle incomes," he notes. … Continued

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The other good news for seniors last week was the apparent victory of TSCL and other groups to stop the payroll tax cut. President Trump has been demanding the cut for months, and he had stated that he would not sign any new pandemic relief legislation if the payroll tax cut were not included..don't start feeling better..TSCL continues to meet with Members of Congress this year asking them to support provisions that would bar payment of Social Security benefits based on illegal work. Stay up-to-date, sign up for TSCL's e-alerts and e-newsletters. … Continued

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