A COLA as low as 1.2% increases the risk that Medicare Part B premiums for 2020 would take the entire amount of any COLA increase for many beneficiaries. This would be especially true for any Part B increase around .00 per month..Many other Democrats on Capitol Hill including President Obama seemed to share his concerns. However, since the budget blueprint is a resolution and not a bill, it will not require the signature of the President, and each of the proposals that appear in it including the repeal of the ACA and the cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will require the passage of separate legislation..That was almost 10 years ago. Today my cancer is in remission. I seem to have no side effects and the lesions on my liver have faded and seem to be healed over. I had every reason to believe that Aromasin was the medication I would take for the rest of my life. I am now 82..The TSCL poll found seniors were closely split over the two other leading approaches to address the disability program's solvency. Forty-eight percent favored tightening Social Security's disability eligibility requirements and conducting more annual eligibility reviews to reduce fraud. Fifty-one percent favor requiring high wage earners to pay Social Security taxes on all of their incomes. "TSCL believes that the only way Congress will forge an agreement is through bipartisan efforts that use a combination of the two approaches," Cates states. What do you think about issues affecting seniors? Take a poll. Visit TSCL's website at..By Jarrad Hensley, TSCL Legislative Assistant.Can I Work and Receive Social Security Benefits at the Same Time?.When it comes to the big drug companies, they do not want limits on the costs of the drugs they manufacture. That is why they make so many campaign contributions..Second, the federal government cannot afford the tax cut, which costs more than 5 billion annually. It is no secret that our nation is deep in debt, and the two-year, two percent tax holiday has not spurred the economy as many hoped it would. TSCL fears that, because of its economic constraints, the federal government's general revenues may not be a reliable source of funding for Social Security. The program is currently facing a billion cash-flow deficit, and an extension of the tax holiday could exacerbate its funding shortfall..Squeeze your home for cash - If your home can be divided into

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Washington, DC) How is the pandemic affecting retirement savings? Forty - eight percent of retirees with retirement accounts say that their savings have not recovered pre-pandemic levels, according to a new survey by The Senior Citizens League. "There's no doubt about it, the Coronavirus - caused recession is forcing many older adults to rethink retirement plans," says Mary Johnson, Social Security and Medicare policy analyst for The Senior Citizens League. "While the U.S. stock market ended 2020 at an all - time high, the retirement savings held by many retired adults do not appear to have benefited from the run up," Johnson says. "This is exactly why the guaranteed income nature of Social Security is so important," she notes.."Medicare Beneficiary Savings and the Affordable Care Act," Department of Health and Human Services, February 201"Reliance on Capital Gains and Dividend Income Tends to Rise with Age," Tax Foundation, December 2005..According to TSCL's research, Barbara is correct. Since 2000, Social Security benefits have lost 30 percent of their buying power due to inaccurate COLAs, and in the last year alone, they have lost 7 percent. This loss of purchasing power has occurred because Social Security COLAs are based on the spending patterns of young, urban workers not the spending patterns of retirees. … Continued

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And that's not the only way this hospital and others like it are getting shorted. Most rural healthcare providers receive lower Medicare reimbursement rates. That puts rural providers in a financial bind and makes it difficult for hospitals and doctors to keep their doors open for business..As things are scheduled for now, the Senate will return to the Capitol on Sept. In the meantime, it will be in a "pro-forma session." That happens in the Senate at a time during which no legislative business is conducted. The sessions are held to satisfy a provision of the Constitution that prohibits either chamber from adjourning for more than three days without the permission of the other chamber. When the House or Senate recesses or adjourns for more than three days, both chambers adopt concurrent resolutions providing for the recess or adjournment..Because this is an election year, elected lawmakers are likely to be listening extremely carefully to their constituents. Your help now, and that of family and friends, could make the difference in pushing through the ,000 lump-sum legislation. … Continued

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