In fact, according to research by The Senior Citizens League, homeowner's insurance has grown 199 percent since 2000, making it one of the fastest growing costs that retirees face, second only to prescription drug costs. Joe reports that his homeowners and car insurance have increased every renewal period over the past two years. His homeowner's premiums rose from ,284 a year to ,566, an increase of 22 percent. Joe's auto insurance premiums increased 0 over the last four renewal periods, which are every six months, despite no tickets or accidents. Government subsidized FEMA flood insurance this year increased 7.4%..Can You Explain the Pros and Cons of Switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan?.urging, but she finally got a physical. She was shocked to learn that her blood.The letter you received from Social Security should indicate a deadline for your response. If you have missed the deadline, act quickly and contact Social Security requesting an extension. You may indeed learn there is an error and be able to correct the amount of money to be withheld. In addition, when you check your earnings record, you may need to contest earnings that don't belong to you..The inequities don't stop at the different eligibility rules. The new Medicaid benefits aren't available in every state. In 25 states and Washington D.C., Medicaid will for the first time be open to anyone younger than age 65 whose income is no more than 133% of the federal poverty level, ,856 a year. But people living in one of the twenty-five states that have decided not to expand their Medicaid programs will be left out. Younger seniors in those states aren't receiving the same benefit opportunities because the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare could not compel states to expand their Medicaid programs..As always, TSCL will be working with members of Congress to ensure that the legislation we have been fighting for on behalf of TSCL supporters is introduced and then passed into law..The costs don't stop at ,350. Unlike other types of health insurance, there is no out-of-pocket annual maximum for beneficiaries enrolled in Part D. After spending the ,350 in drug costs, Part D plan enrollees pay the greater of 5% co-insurance or copays of .60 for generics and .95 for brand or non-preferred brand drugs. For someone taking high cost specialty drugs, the 5% coinsurance could still be in the hundreds of dollars and, would continue for each refill until the end of the year..When the average person measures cost changes, one compares the change in the cost of a specific item like a gallon of home heating oil over a specific time frame. For example, the national average cost of home heating oil was .15 per gallon in the first week of January 2000. In the first week in January, 2013 it had increased to .00 per gallon - an increase of .8That's a total increase of 257% over 13 years..[iv] Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund: Background and Solvency Issues, William R. Morton, November 20, 2013.

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Notch Reform is far from being over though. Officially there are more co-sponsors of "The Notch Fairness Act" than ever before at the end of the first year of a session of Congress and support is ahead of last-sessions record-breaking numbers. With enough co-sponsors signed on, TSCL and the grass roots can help force the bill to the floor for a straight up and down vote. We urge you, and the families of all Notch Babies, to contact your Members of Congress. Ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 615, and enact "The Notch Fairness Act.".The Congressional Budget Office estimates that there would be costs both to Social Security and Medicare, primarily for disability benefits starting as early as 2017, assuming enactment into law this year. The CBO said, however, that the new TSCL-supported amendment would save the programs about billion over the first 20 years, with the savings growing greater in the future..McCaskill is calling on drug companies and doctors to scale back their financial relationships, and believes that, if necessary, Congress should step in to stiffen federal laws banning doctors from receiving gifts from such companies. … Continued

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"Relief From Deportation: Demographic Profile Of The DREAMers Potentially Eligible Under The Deferred Action Policy, Migration Policy Institute, August 2012..Although not many studies exist, according to one study of average earners born from 1917 through 1926, the disparity in benefits with other retirees seems to average about 26%..Almost all of my income is from Social Security. I have some limited savings, and I own my home. I'm having trouble affording my Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket costs, but I don't think I qualify for Medicaid. Are there any programs that may help? … Continued

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