Second, the end of the 2020 fiscal year is drawing ever nearer, and Congress needs to pass legislation to fund the government for fiscal year 2021, which begins on September And finally, the end of July and beginning of August, the month that Congress traditionally is in recess..Get your health expense records up to date and review the Annual Notice of Change from your current plans: Drug and health plans send out their Annual Notice of Changes for 2022 in September through October of this year. Review those details to learn what might affect you in 202Start a list of costs, break down what you will pay for all premiums, any out-of-pocket costs that you typically pay. List what you spend out - of - pocket on dental, vision and hearing services, as well as any expenses such as eyeglasses and hearing aids. If you are comparing current Medigap coverage with Medicare Advantage, you will need to know what sort of services you are using and what you typically pay out - of - pocket now for those services, if anything. Worksheets maintained for tax purposes, statements, check registers may be an excellent source of this information..including your home), a long-term care policy won't be an affordable option. If.Following the reception, the Board of Trustees and TSCL's legislative team spent the afternoon meeting with six Members of Congress and their top aides. Support was expressed for a number of key bills, including the Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers Act, the Notch Fairness Act, and the Social Security Fairness Act, among others..Plan your withdrawals to boost your Social Security benefits. While you want to allow your retirement savings to grow tax-deferred as long as you can, withdrawing money from an IRA earlier is sometimes to your advantage. Doing so may help you delay starting Social Security benefits, allowing your benefits to grow 8% for every year you wait after attaining age 66 and until age 70..TSCL worked hard for the Medicare Part B "roll back" last fall which prevented an even larger Part B premium spike in 2016, and stands ready to ask lawmakers to do the same in 201You can help: Contact your Representative in the House and Senators now and ask your lawmakers to take action to stop the Medicare Part B premium spike. Call your lawmakers toll free at or send an email to your Members of Congress..Congresswoman Cheri Bustos represents Illinois' 17th Congressional District. She lives in East Moline with her husband, Gerry. They have three grown sons..In response to Trump's orders, four Senators requested an estimate from the Social Security Administration about what the long-term effect on the viability of Social Security if the tax deferral is made permanent. Last week, the report was released..Here are some other deductions you might be able to itemize:

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So even as this is being written there are reports coming that Congressional leaders are close to a deal on both the legislation to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year as well as a new coronavirus economic stimulus bill..This week, one new cosponsor Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan signed on to the Social Security 2100 Act, bringing the total up to 16If signed into law, it would extend the solvency of the Social Security trust funds responsibly, without cutting benefits for current or future retirees. The bill currently has more cosponsors than any other comprehensive Social Security reform bill to date, and we hope lawmakers in Congress will consider it seriously in the months ahead..We encourage you to attend a town hall, and invite others you know. The future of our retirement and our healthcare benefits rests in our hands. … Continued

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A newly approved drug to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease is drawing criticism for it's ,000 price tag, especially given its lack of proven effectiveness. Aduhelm stirred controversy when the Food and Drug Administration's own expert advisory panel was nearly unanimous in opposing the drug's approval due to mixed results in studies of effectiveness..Key witnesses such as Mr. Richard Nance, Director of the Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment, advocated in favor of expanding telemedicine to treat those afflicted with addiction. Other witnesses such as Dr. Andrew Kolodny of Brandeis University warned that doctors need further education on safe opioid prescribing, and that it should not be influenced in any way by parties that benefit from the sale of opioids..Social Security provides an essential foundation to American's retirement plans, but it simply was never designed to be the sole source of retirement income. Social Security replaces about 40% percent of earnings of the typical retiree. TSCL believes that today's retirement crisis calls for more adequate, not reduced, benefits. … Continued

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