The blueprint also calls for billion in Social Security cuts, and it would fully repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the House-passed American Health Care Act. That change would leave millions of older Americans not yet eligible for Medicare without health insurance coverage due to high costs. It would also impact around 11 million Medicare beneficiaries who are also enrolled in the Medicaid program many of whom are patients in costly nursing home facilities..By Rick Delaney, Chairman of the Board, TSCL.American consumers have waited too long for Congress to finally make bipartisan progress on lowering prescription drug costs. At a time of rampant hyper-partisanship on Capitol Hill, I've seen glimmers of hope for how lawmakers from across the political spectrum can unite on this issue. We can't stop pushing for lower prices, because our nation's seniors deserve that level of respect, commitment, and urgency..Bipartisan legislation before the House and Senate would repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset benefit reductions so that millions of retired teachers and police officers receive the Social Security benefits they have earned and deserve. Will you cosponsor the Social Security Fairness Act when you return to Washington?.TSCL's Board of Trustees on Capitol Hill.Chairman Collins said at Tuesday's hearing: "Alzheimer's is not a normal part of aging. It is a public health issue with a course that we can potentially change. There are steps that we can take today to help prevent the risk of cognitive decline and to improve the lives of those living with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. This public health approach is not only empowering; it is the key to saving lives.".If you are leaning towards refinancing your home, look carefully into the closing fees. Will you be paying any closing costs out-of-pocket or will those costs get rolled into the loan? How would that affect monthly payments?Based on your credit profile, what interest rate do you actually qualify for, and how does that compare with what you are currently paying?.Compare details carefully: When making health plan benefit comparisons, closely examine the co-payment structure between plans. Your lowest costing plan may not be the best deal if you have health conditions like diabetes, or cancer that require trips to specialists, and pricey outpatient services like CT scans. Refer to your 2012 medical expenses to give you an idea of what the costs would be under alternate plans..On Thursday, more than ninety new lawmakers were sworn into office and members of the 113th Congress assembled for the first time. The House of Representatives gained eighty-two new lawmakers forty-seven Democrats and thirty-five Republicans and the Senate gained twelve newly elected lawmakers eight Democrats, three Republicans, and one Independent.

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Symptoms of the two illnesses are similar, and when seasonal influenza season arrives later this year it will be important for public-health authorities and health workers to be able to differentiate between the two viruses. Such a test would help determine whether Covid-19 infections are experiencing a second wave, or if patients are showing up with normal seasonal flu..When You Can't Afford Your Prescription Drugs, Apply For "Extra Help".TSCL understands that the budget deficit is growing out of hand. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the massive tax reform and budget bills recently adopted by Congress will cost the federal government an estimated .7 trillion over the next ten years. However, TSCL firmly believes that a constitutional balanced budget amendment, that would disproportionately impact seniors and limit the ability of Congress to respond to economic downturns, is not the solution to the problem. … Continued

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You can contribute to more than one IRA. It's possible to have a traditional IRA, one or more 401s and a Roth IRA or Roth 40You can contribute to as many as you want but the total you may contribute is limited to a maximum amount that is adjusted annually and the type of account..If you have not been offered affordable insurance through your employer, you are not receiving Medicare, and you purchase your own health insurance coverage, you may be among those who have the most to gain from shopping for health insurance on the new health insurance exchanges. Depending on your income, you may be eligible for new premium subsides that would cover part of the cost of your health insurance premiums. The exchanges are now open for comparing health insurance coverage that becomes effective January 1, 2014..This question is signficant in light of proposals to.Will Widows Of Notch Babies Be Included Under Notch Reform? “My husband passed away September 5, 200What will happen to his lump-sum if they ever decide to pass Notch Reform? What would happen to my lump-sum if I should die now? Would my daughter get it? It seems they are waiting for us all to die.” … Continued

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