Thus, we are watching to see how this Administration would do things differently this time. In addition, there are concerns on the Canadian side about the timing. Canada is concerned this could cause drug shortages, particularly for drugs used to treat COVID-19 further exacerbating tensions with one of our nation's closest allies and trading partner..Travel expenses to and from medical treatments. In 2018, the standard mileage rate for tax purposes is.18 cents per mile for medical purposes. Keep a travel log for documentation..Mo soberly told me that it has been a grueling experience for "a small-town emergency medical worker" who, before COVID, was used to mainly pushing paper, and just going on only a few calls a week for the "random" auto accident or over-dose. Day after grueling day, Mo and his crew have answered calls to hundreds of homes in my county. And sadly, they are still at it. If you haven't gotten one yet, please consider getting a COVID vaccine! Contact your local health department or doctor..TSCL believes that the Medicare prescription drug benefit law is flawed, and will be carefully monitoring the effects of both the short-term Medicare drug cards, and the Medicare Drug Benefit plan in Medicare Part D as it traverses through the donut hole for many seniors. TSCL considers it necessary to compile feedback on the measure of success or failure of the program and its donut hole phase..When the Social Security Administration receives wage reports from employers with Social Security numbers and names that don't match those on file, the reports go into an Earnings Suspense File until they can be reconciled with the rightful owner. That can occur years later when an application for benefits is received. Over the past ten years for which data is available the Social Security Administration has received on average, more than 9.5 million suspicious wage reports annually representing more than billion per year in wages. It's wages, not the amount of taxes paid that are used to determine benefits..Annual Open Enrollment Period: The annual Medicare Open Enrollment period runs from October 15, through December 7, 201During this period you can compare and switch Part D stand alone drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans..Check community health centers or senior services department. Low - cost dental services may be available to low-income people age 62 and up, but services may be limited and there may be long waiting lists. To learn more, check with your area agency on aging to learn if there are programs near you..Among the documents released to TSCL was a statement by Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, that says, "Social Security actuaries have estimated that a Totalization Agreement with Mexico would have negligible long-range costs for the Social Security Trust FundsЕ Costs to the U.S. Social Security system are estimated to average about 0 million per year over the first five years.".The opinions expressed in "Congressional Corner" reflect the views of the writer and are not necessarily those of TSCL.

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To contact Social Security, you may call toll free at or visit the website at..In the first year of the new healthcare law, a large percentage of enrollees through the federal exchange tended to be older adults, many having pre-existing conditions. In addition, there were individuals who enrolled when they received notice that their former health plan was ending, and still other uninsured consumers did so attempting to comply with the new law to have health coverage or pay a fine..TSCL Endorses Two Medicare Bills … Continued

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Despite the proposed decrease in funding, many feel that the plan from Chairman Rogers is a positive sign. The cut is negligible when compared to last year's proposal for fiscal 2014, the House and Senate committees were more than billion apart in their Labor-HHS-Education funding plans. The minor cut for fiscal 2015 likely means that appropriators in the House are hoping to compromise with the Senate Appropriations Committee, which has not yet released a proposal for the contentious measure..Eating more fruits and vegetables can help you stay healthier longer, reducing the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. But good quality produce can be difficult to afford, especially for people who depend on Social Security for most of their income. How can you get more fresh fruits and vegetables living on a Social Security budget? Here are some tips to get you started:.TSCL supports legislation that would provide a more fair and adequate Social Security benefit by calculating COLAs using the Consumer Price Index for Elderly to calculate the annual increase. How do low Social Security increases and rapidly rising costs affecting you? TSCL wants to hear from you! Visit. … Continued

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