Then, in our Oct. 3 Update we reported that the chairmen of the House Ways and Means Oversight and Health subcommittees had sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar requesting more information about the discount card. Among the questions they were asking was what legal authority is being used to justify the program and how it will be paid for..Learn how to identify "fresh". Never let anyone try to convince you that limp or wilted greens and vegetables can be rejuvenated. When moisture loss and wilting occur after harvest, nutrients go with it in the process. Shop around for your produce and look for green markets that not only have reasonable prices, but high turn - over and produce from local growers ensuring that you get fresher choices..Consider dental savings plans. These are buying club - like programs for which you pay an annual fee of to 0 to access a network of dentists who offer discounts of up to 50% for members. You can find a dental plan online at week, lawmakers remained in their home states and districts to finish the two-week spring recess..Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agreed at Wednesday's hearing that displaying the full Social Security number on Medicare cards puts seniors at risk for identity theft. However, the process of removing the numbers is costly and complex. Tony Trenkle, Director for the CMS Office of Information Services stated, "It's going to be a massive undertaking if we go down this road." He explained that the process would require a technology system update and massive education efforts for beneficiaries, providers, and business associates..Since the start of the first CPI in 1940, the BLS has made changes to how it calculates price inflation - most recently announcing changes to how they collect price data. A new paper reports that the BLS has undertaken several pilot projects in an attempt to supplement and/or replace its traditional field collection of price data with "alternative sources." If that sounds suspicious, you have good reason to ask questions. The BLS Handbook of Methods lists more than 21 changes that economists have made to how they calculate the CPI since 198In most cases the so-called "improvements" tend to slow the measured rate of inflation. That means the growth in COLAs is cut and Social Security benefits grow more slowly over time. In short, this boils down to an erosion in the buying power of your Social Security benefits when, in reality, prices are actually going up..They don't mind paying for Social Security because they value it for themselves..The U.S. aims to diversify its drug supply chain, relying on a geographically diverse set of manufacturers.Our nation faces an urgent crisis: as middle-class families increasingly are squeezed by stagnant wages and rising costs, the dream of a secure retirement is slipping away.

Racial Equity And Health Policy Press Release Analysis Workers Increasingly Have Access To Same Sex Spousal Benefits

The average Social Security benefit today is only ,240 a month. That's only 25% above the federal poverty level. More than one -third of all recipients depend on Social Security for 90% of their retirement income..To allow this situation to languish so long is a national disgrace when there's a surprising high level of bipartisan support for Notch Reform through "The Notch Fairness Act." This legislation would allow Notch Babies born from 1917 through 1926 a choice between a lump-sum of ,000 payable over a four-year period, or a higher monthly benefit. As of this writing, more than 94 cosponsors have signed on..I'm diabetic and get my blood testing supplies via mail order. When I called to order my next shipment I was told I would have to pay the full cost of supplies and my credit card was charged. I thought Medicare covered the cost. … Continued

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Immigration law forbids working in this country without legal authorization and a Social Security Number. Yet millions of "undocumented" immigrant workers are earning income. Illegals often get jobs by using illegally obtained, forged, or invalid Social Security numbers. Employers in turn withhold payroll taxes and report the earnings to the Social Security Administration using those numbers. When the numbers don't match up with the numbers issued by SSA, they go into a special file called the "Earnings Suspense File." Valid numbers issued from the U.S. government are also misused..TSCL offers its supporters an unconditional refund of their most recent donation if they are dissatisfied with our position or performance..Agreeing on methods of payment has proven to be the most difficult task. One conferee, Sen. Jon Kyl stated this week: "The way our Democratic colleagues have been approaching offsets, there's just not much of anything that they seem willing to agree to, so I'm pretty pessimistic that we can get that done." … Continued

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